Arts & Entertainment Background


Joanne pursued many artistic endeavors from an early age, after discovering that crayons were better for coloring than for eating! An award-winning fine artist and creative writer, she received her first honors in both disciplines while still in school. In addition to working in voice over, she has performed many live readings of her humorous poetry and dabbled in stand-up comedy.

To fund her artistic pursuits, Joanne enjoyed an eclectic freelance career behind the scenes in entertainment. She started as an estate manager, bookkeeper and personal assistant, both on and off the set, and later became lead coordinator and production manager of numerous special events, concerts, and award shows, including multiple galas for the American Cinema Awards Foundation in Los Angeles; The International Achievement in Arts Awards in London; Michael Jackson, 30th Anniversary Celebration at Madison Square Garden in New York; and the six-day Platform International Animation Festival in Portland, Oregon. She also served as law office administrator on a high-profile celebrity trial.

As a copywriter, editor and graphic artist, she has designed campaigns, posters, invitations and books; written and produced dozens of gala program books, playbills and other publications; overhauled multiple websites; designed and edited several books, and ghost-edited a celebrity autobiography. Her prints and commissioned works appear in collections across the United States, as well as in Europe, Scandinavia and North Africa.

Joanne is honored to be part of Team VORG, and put her skills to work as graphic designer of the Voice Over Resource Guide, newly rebranded in 2022.